COVID precautions

We value the safety of our students and our volunteers and are seeking to wisely respond to the changing COVID situation.

Since each person is responsible for their own safety, we want you to make an informed decision in light of these measures that we will be taking in our English classes:

  • Classroom size. Our spacious classrooms and small class sizes should allow us to maintain some social distancing.
  • Eating / breaktime. Normally, we have a corporate (all classes together) breaktime with snacks halfway through each class session. We had these snack times outdoors during September and most of October. Now that the COVID numbers are down and the weather is cool, we are having break time indoors again.
  • Temperature checks. Someone will check temperatures when people come in the building, both volunteers and students. If someone has a temperature of 100 or above, we will ask them not to participate that day. If you know that you are not well, please take it seriously and stay home that week.
  • In-person vs. virtual. Thank you for sharing your preferences on the registration form. Our priority is in-person classes. However, once co-teachers get their class roster (on or after September 9th) and see specific student preferences, they will decide if there needs to be any modifications like a Zoom or hybrid option for their class level. We may not be able to accommodate your desire for a virtual class, but we will carefully consider the decision.
  • Please stay home:
    • if you have tested positive for COVID.
    • if you have symptoms like fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, body aches.
    • if you have been identified as a close contact of someone with COVID and are supposed to be in quarantine.