After you register for English class

1. Your placement interview

After you complete your class registration form, one of our volunteers will contact you to conduct the placement interview. During COVID-19 we interview virtually.

Don’t worry! The interview is not hard and it’s not a test.

The purpose of the interview is to determine which of our 5 class levels is the best fit for you. This should take place within a week after you register.

2. Receiving your placement information

After your interview, we will contact you (probably with an email) to tell you which class level you are in.

This is a good time to confirm that we enrolled you in the time or times you selected (we have morning and evening classes).


3. Getting your book

There is no cost for you to attend our classes. However, we ask that you purchase your student book for class.

If you live in the Augusta, GA area, you can purchase your book directly from us and we will get it to you. The suggested donation is $35. You can make your payment by clicking here or by following the link in the bottom of this website. You can also pay in person when you arrive at class.

If you do not live in Augusta, Georgia, we will send you information about ordering your book.

If you are unable to purchase a book, please let your teacher know. We will make arrangements for you.


4. Come to class

Join us for class! Need directions? Click here for our location information page

5. Participate

Join your class each Thursday. But that is not all. Because language learning requires regular practice, you will want to have a plan for working daily on your English. Your practice does not have to be complicated or hard, but it should be daily. One great tool for this is the Duolingo app and website. Let us know if you want to participate in a Duolingo group.

We recommend that you try to surround yourself with English as much as you can. If you listen to the radio or watch TV, listen to English radio and TV. Read English news and books. Talk to English speakers as much as you can.

In addition, ask your teacher about opportunities to spend time together outside of class. There are ways we can enjoy each other’s company, sometimes one-on-one, sometimes as a class, and sometimes with a larger group of other internationals. Check our events calendar to see if there are any current opportunities.

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