Language learning apps for our English books


Students and teachers use our Expemo flashcard app to review the language from our ESL
worksheets and multi-language phrasebooks. To have access to Expemo, students and teachers need to be part of a subscription plan or need to purchase a subscription.

Accessing Expemo

Students have two ways to access their Expemo accounts: on their mobile devices or using the web version.

How to access the mobile version of Expemo?

Students and teachers who wish to use Expemo on their mobile devices must first download the app on the app store of their choice. Then, they need to enter their Linguahouse account email address and click NEXT. After inputting the email address, a message with a 6-digit verification code will be sent to their inbox. Students have to enter the given code and log in.

The mobile version of the app allows users to scan the Expemo QR codes provided in our worksheets.

How to Launch the Web Version of Expemo?

Users must first log in to their accounts. Then, they should click on EXPEMO.

Next, they should click on START EXPEMO.

Once they have accessed their Expemo accounts, they are going to see its main page:

In the ENTER PACKAGE CODE section, users can input an Expemo lesson code. This will add a package to their Expemo collection.

If they click on START REVIEW, Expemo will automatically display all the packages they have added till that point.

Additionally, users can access the menu by clicking on the two horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the page. The menu gives access to the following sections: Expemo Home page, My base, Find New Packages, Phrasebooks and Statistics.

My base is the area where all the packages users have added are stored. If they click on SHOW MORE, they will be able to control each package individually.

If students wish to review a single package, instead of clicking on the START REVIEW button on their Home page, they should access the My base section, click SHOW MORE on the bottom of each package and click on START REVIEW. They can also remove packages by clicking on the dustbin icon.

Users can also add packages and phrasebooks directly from the app by using our filters.

This eliminates the need to input the flashcard code.

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